Let's Get Digital Testing Suite

Use this page to troubleshoot common issues and find a quick solution.

Most of these errors lay with connection restrictions imposed by organizations themselves. A simple fix would be to try and enter the summit on a personal device (not connected to a company network, not connecting over a vpn connection, not using a corporate device). If this is not possible or is not working for you please contact the helpdesk at the bottom of this page.

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Below, these checks give you a quick overview of the services we can reach as platform and which we don't.

Platform services
Session services
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Jquery: Error
Browser features: Loading...
Youtube video test:
Vimeo video test:


1. Is a VPN/company network supported?
We don't recommend using a VPN. Since Let's Get Digital is using video and audio services it needs to use more traffic than a regular website. Most VPN or company networks are blocking this by default. We would recommend not using a VPN or company network.

2. I don't use a VPN/company network but it is still not working
Please double check if you are using the right browser and if you have the most up to date version. The platform is most compatible with Google Chrome and the latest version can be downloaded here.

3. I can't activate my camera
Make sure that you have given permission to the browser to stream your video/audio.

4. I don't have login data
Please ask your event organisation to provide you with the correct login data.